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Sin and brokenness no longer have permanent hold on our lives because Jesus came to save us and give us hope. 

With all that's happening around us, how do we know what to pray for? Let us be reminded that God's word gives us the hope and direction we need today.

God gives an open invite to all—to call unto Him in time of need. He has made a way for us to have relationship with Him. How have you responded to this invitation?

Extending a hand to those who are in lack, without expecting anything in return, is an expression of the grace of God. May this reminder encourage us to help someone in need today.

God calls us to be a blessing to others. Let us live with the aim of being a blessing through prayer to people and nations through the gospel.

God’s Word is all powerful—nothing can stop it. It will accomplish all that it has been sent out to do.   Are you willing to give yourself to God's will and submit to His timing?

The word of God will always accomplish the purpose for which He sends it. May this reminder build your faith as you hold on to God’s promise in your life today.

In Jesus, we find true satisfaction and intimate relationship, and we can enjoy the choicest blessings.

Because of His great love for us, Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself for us, so we could find forgiveness, healing, new life. 

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